Recycling champions rewarded

Congratulations to recycling champions Richard Antig and Cristy Puddicombe, of Goodwin House Ainslie, who have been rewarded with a $100 gift voucher for their fantastic work.

Richard and Cristy have taken it upon themselves to put in extra effort promoting, training and encouraging colleagues to properly recycle and reduce waste to landfill – and their work is paying off!

So far, the Ainslie team is leading the Goodwin recycling race. They reduced their monthly general waste by a whopping 2.4 tonnes in November 2019: down from 10.6 tonnes in January 2019 to 8.26 tonnes in November.

That’s 2406 kilograms less rubbish to landfill in just one month. Multiply that saving by 12 months, and we could save 28,800kg (28.8 tonnes) of rubbish per year at just one site!

Ainslie also nearly doubled their paper and cardboard recycling, from 546kg in January 2019 to 1050kg in November 2019.

Additionally, in the last two months alone, staff and residents of Goodwin House have collected a total of 1,027 bottles for the Container Deposit Scheme ($102.70 in refunds).

Goodwin introduced Actsmart recycling and the local Container Deposit Scheme across our sites in mid 2019. We are aiming for full Actsmart accreditation, based on our recycling achievements and training for staff.