Goodwin Queanbeyan helps animals affected by bushfires

As the bushfires continue to burn across the country, the impacts have been devastating. Among the worst affected are Australia’s famed animal species with a staggering 1.5 billion killed since the blazes started. Hundreds and thousands of young marsupials including possums, koalas and wombats have been left orphaned. Without their mothers to tend to them, they are struggling to survive. Moved by their plight, our Queanbeyan day clubbers decided to do their bit. They got together to stitch joey pouches for the little marsupials, and sewed mats and nests for injured birds, which will be donated to Animal Rescue Craft Guild.

“It’s a great cause and I’m really proud that we were able to make a difference”, said Day Club Coordinator Cheryl Rath.

We are all proud of you Queanbeyan!