Health and Wellness Centres

Our unique health and wellness centres are all about ensuring a better quality of life.

By bringing a range of health specialists together into one convenient location, we can take a collaborative approach to your health needs with a suite of services personalised for your well being goals.

Under the central coordination of our aged care specialist nurse practitioner, our aim is to help you build resilience to health events, restore vitality, increase confidence, ease symptoms and prevent the preventable.

Wellness is what it's all about. How can you not feel well when coming here? What an experience!

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Health and Wellness Centres contact details

Goodwin Village Crace
20 Galore Street
Crace ACT 2911
T 02 6219 4190
F 02 6175 5170
E thecentral@goodwin.org.au

Goodwin Village Monash
15 Cockcroft Ave
Monash ACT
(adjacent to the Lifestyle Clubhouse)
T 02 6175 5668
F 02 6178 7229