Winter menu put to the test

As the seasons change, so do our residential care menus – but nothing gets served without the residents’ seal of approval.

Goodwin’s team of chefs and cooks, led by General Manager Catering Services Sandeep Vaid, has developed a delicious and hearty winter menu using fresh, local, and seasonal produce.

‘When I develop and design the menu, I look for fresh ingredients that will be available to us, consider our residents’ tastes, and making meals as nutritious and balanced as possible,’ explains Sandeep.

‘We make sure the food fits the season. In winter we use more lamb and stews along with seasonal vegetables. Desserts are warm, using puddings instead of staple summer desserts like mousses’.

‘We also hold tasting sessions with residents from each Goodwin residential care facility. If a dish receives negative feedback, we change it’.

Each meal contains several choices for residents, including two meat and one vegetarian option, several salad, vegetable, starch and grain options, and two different desserts.

The first dish presented to our discerning foodies: lamb kofka served with a yoghurt dressing, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. The Middle Eastern flavours were new to some residents while others were familiar with the herbs and spices. The verdict: the lamb itself was a bit tough for some residents.

The next main on the menu, and the clear favourite, teriyaki chicken. It’s a sweet and familiar chicken dish for the residents, prepared in a beautiful gravy and served with a mix of vegetables and mashed potatoes. ‘The chicken has a lovely gingery flavour and it’s sweet,’ commented Edythe.

The third dish for tasting was the eight-hour braised beef sirloin with gravy, mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. It received mixed reviews: ‘I quite like the beef and would happily eat it again’, said Errol. Edythe however was not so sure: ‘I’m not a lover of beef and it was a bit dry.’

Next up, desserts! Maple pear crumble with warm custard, and homemade waffles and banana trifle.

The rich winter style of the pear dessert got the thumbs up from most residents, while a couple of people found it a bit too sweet. Robin thought it was very tasty: ‘I like the pear crumble very much.’ Edythe on the other hand thought it needed more flavour.

And it seems they saved the best for last, with homemade waffles and banana trifle the overwhelming favourite, presented in a glass topped with cream and fresh seasonal fruit. ‘The trifle was my favourite,’ said Helen.

All comments are recorded and taken back to the kitchen to help the team perfect the recipes, ensuring residents continue to enjoy amazing meals!