Goodwin is celebrating National Nurses Week May 6-12


Goodwin celebrates National Nurses Week by thanking Goodwin’s 47 dedicated nurses who provide specialised care and expertise to clients. We also recognise the important work done by nurses all over the world!

Goodwin is proud to have registered nurse clinics and 24/7 onsite nursing care in all its residential care facilities providing client one-on-one assessments with registered nurses. Every month these nurses have training on specific aged care related issues such as osteoporosis and falls. All Goodwin’s home care clients also have a team of registered nurses to ensure that service provision is of the highest standards and supports clients to reach their goals.

Goodwin recently welcomed a much anticipated new team member: a digital geriatric nursing skills mannequin providing hands-on practice for our nurses. The Nasco Life Form, nicknamed Geri, provides simulation nursing and allows practical experience in more than 35 procedures such as taking blood and administering injections. The simulator replicates human conditions as Geri moves like an older person and can be filled with lifelike fluids like blood and comes with female and male anatomy. A remote control function allows the trainer to set particular heart and lung conditions allowing trainees to distinguish between different heart and lung sounds for more accurate patient assessments. This level of training is usually reserved for universities and takes Goodwin’s nurses to a higher level.

Over 30 Goodwin nurses have recently been trained in a specialised massage treatment available to residents 24/7  for pain relief. Treatments include a gentle massage for 10 minutes twice a week to relieve arthritic pain, plus a hot wax bath for arthritic hands. The idea of the program is to increase non-pharmacological treatment, that is, an alternative to ‘popping a pill’. Now, when Goodwin residents at any time of the day or night look for medication for their pain, a massage alternative may be a better solution. Already 50 residents across our sites have benefited from the massage with positive improvements in postural stability and balance, among other things.

Goodwin will be hosting a special nurses breakfast during the week to show our appreciation of their hard work.

Well done nurses, your vital to Goodwin and our residents, thank you!