Goodwin has awesome volunteers, we thank you all in National Volunteer Week May 8 to 14


Goodwin has the best volunteers

Goodwin would like to acknowledge their amazing volunteers this week May 8 to 14 during National Volunteer Week.

Goodwin is extremely grateful to have the help of our 66 volunteers. The difference the volunteers make to the lives of our clients is enormous. The volunteers’ visits, activities and outings help improve the quality of residents’ lives.

We have residents who wait expectantly to see the weekly volunteer who comes to visit adding another interesting dimension to their lives and improving their wellbeing.

Volunteering offers work opportunities and the ability to build skills that can be utilised for paid work in the future. Goodwin is proud to support volunteers and we hope the experience and knowledge they gain in working with our seniors is a positive one. We know from speaking to our residents that the volunteers at Goodwin add a supportive and important dimension to the lives of residents at Goodwin and for this we are extremely grateful.

Pictured here is Lai-Chiu who volunteers 10 hours of her precious time to Goodwin every week and has done so since 2013. Lai-Chiu is just one of our volunteers that has been nominated for the 2017 Volunteering Awards Canberra Region.

Goodwin have also nominated Yvonne Farr and Mark Warren for the 2017 Canberra Region, Volunteering Awards.


Goodwin nominates Campbell High for Volunteer Team of the Year

Goodwin have nominated Campbell High School students for the Canberra Region Volunteer of the Year team award.

One of Goodwin’s volunteer programs is Bridging the Gap, which has been going for 3 years and is run weekly with Campbell High School students visiting Goodwin residents at Ainslie. The residents look forward to the students’ visiting and sit and wait for the school group to turn up. The students talk to the residents, take them on outings as a group, run activities, and make morning tea. This program has been vital to bridging the gap between young people in the community and seniors, breaking down the stigma of old age, and showing students that life can still be enjoyable even as you get older.

Thank you Campbell High Students, Goodwin is very grateful for your time.

The image shows Emily Barker and Ted Bamford making scones at Campbell High School.

Image supplied: Jana Black