Celebrating 70 Years of Empowering Seniors


On May 17, we proudly celebrate Goodwin’s 70th anniversary, honouring the exceptional contributions of many who have shaped Goodwin into the esteemed organisation it is today.

Preparations are underway for festivities to commemorate the historic gathering of community-minded citizens in 1954 who sought to address the pressing need for housing solutions for seniors in Canberra.

As we embark on this celebratory journey, 2024 offers an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the enduring efforts of our staff, residents, clients, and the broader community whose commitment has defined Goodwin’s legacy of care and excellence.

We are eager to delve into our archives, promising a meaningful exploration of the people, stories and milestones that have shaped Goodwin. An invitation is extended to the wider Goodwin community to share any photos or stories that will help weave a comprehensive tapestry of Goodwin’s history.

We look forward to honouring the rich history of Goodwin with a memorable month of celebrations that spotlight our remarkable past and embrace the vibrant future that lies ahead.