Goodwin Health Club

Health Club

Goodwin Health Club is an exercise program exclusive to Goodwin residents and clients.

The Health Club offers an opportunity to stay active in the mind, body and soul through a range of classes including weights, Yoga strength and stretch, balance, relaxation and more.

Goodwin Health Club is a partner of Goodwin Health and Wellness Centre, supplementing the services of our team of health experts with opportunities to focus on the triad of mind, body and soul for true wellness and a fully-rounded approach to maintaining your quality of life and independence.

The best thing about it is the relaxing and friendly atmosphere, I love it.

Wellness Centre survey respondent
Goodwin Health Club

Become a member today
  • regular members can attend unlimited classes for the low fee of $31.50 per month.
  • casual members pay per class attended, suited for those who like to attend sporadically. Each class that a casual member attends is $10.50, paid to the Health Club Coach.

Drop in to the Goodwin Health and Wellness Centre or call us on 6175 5668 to book your first health assessment.