Share the Journey


Share the Journey

Goodwin proudly supported Mental Health Week 7-14 October and supports Mental Health Month also in October through our social support groups and day clubs. Goodwin has day clubs, for people over 65 at Crace, Queanbeyan and Monash that provide an opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy group luncheons and events Monday to Friday each week. Men’s sheds at Goodwin villages in Monash and Ainslie are popular outlets for our ‘blokes’ to support each other and share stories. The Central at Crace has a popular regular men’s breakfast group which the members look forward to as they have a laugh and a great catch up. These groups provide social connection and support, essential for sustaining a healthy state of mind.

The theme of mental health month is Share the Journey. During Mental Health Month in October, Goodwin celebrates the many social support groups for our residents and clients susceptible to isolation as circumstances change with age and in so doing we acknowledge the need to share one’s journey with others. At Goodwin we think everyone benefits from sharing their life journey with others.

Research tells us that feeling connected, valued and loved by others gives us a sense of security, support, purpose and happiness. Close connections and good relationships with others allows us to enjoy the good times in our lives and helps us deal with the hard experiences we face.

One of Goodwin’s residents, Ray Furnell, supports the research about the positive health benefits of living in a village surrounded by people of a similar age who he can choose to connect with when and if he needs or wants to. Ray moved into The Central in February this year after he was widowed seven years ago and spent seven years living on his own. Ray really enjoys the men’s breakfast group at The Central, “we meet for a casual regular breakfast and an enjoyable discussion. I should have moved in to The Central five years earlier. I was living in a large house and the garden took a lot of looking after. The house felt capacious and lonely,” he said.

Central men’s breakfast group (Ray Furnell pictured second on the left)

The Central Spring BBQ Ray Furnell and his son with The Central activities coordinator Louise