Residents enjoy health benefits from new nutritious and delicious milkshakes


The introduction of High Energy High Protein (HEHP) milkshakes into dietry options for Goodwin live-in care residents has seen positive outcomes, including increased weight where frailty was a concern. The HEHP shakes are not only important for nutrition but for keeping residents’ hydration levels up, and maintaining general health.

On trial since July 2017, the shakes are prescribed to those residents who are experiencing unexplained weight loss and are givenas part of their medication round rather than a food supplement with meals. This encourages residents to continue also eating regular meals.

Other residents request shakes simply for the flavour and enjoyment.

Goodwin dietician, Tina McGuire says, “I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from residents and staff about how much residents enjoy the HEHP shakes as mid-meal snacks and staff have noticed residents have been gaining weight or maintaining weight since their introduction.”

“I think they are a great whole food based supplement to provide extra protein and energy for residents. However, we know they are not nutritionally complete and therefore cannot be used to replace meals. As such, their role in a resident’s diet is determined on a case by case basis through a full nutrition assessment by a dietician, in consultation with the resident and care team,” says Tina.

“The residents really like the taste of these shakes. They’re a much better alternative to the highly sweetened and unpalatable commercial supplement drinks still served in some residential aged care facilities, which they refuse to drink,” says Robyn Boyd, Goodwin’s Executive Manager Residential Care.

Goodwin’s in-house chefs prepare the shakes using only fresh ingredients.

“The shakes are part of providing a balanced nutritious diet for our residents. Goodwin is continuously modifying and improving our menu options to ensure we meet the particular dietary needs of each of our residents,” says Robyn.

“In consultation with Goodwin’s dietician and aged care nurse practitioner, we have recently increased the protein levels in the shakes by including skim milk powder and intend to add a powdered micronutrient content in the future to further increase the health benefits from the shakes. We’re currently sampling the powdered micronutrient to make sure it doesn’t alter the taste residents like,” says Robyn.

Goodwin residents receive a weekly menu of seven courses per day, made from a variety of seasonal produce, freshly prepared with options for both mains and desserts. Our chefs’ bake morning tea, afternoon tea and dessert selections on-site daily.

“Seniors are at increased risk of malnutrition because of disease and illness and loss of appetite, not because the food is inedible,” says Robyn.

“We know that our dedication to providing nutritious and delicious whole foods along with our new HEHP shakes has been well received by our residents,” says Robyn.

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