Ralph Cartwright Centre

The Ralph Cartwright Centre provides you with a cottage-style home set within the picturesque gardens and wetlands of the highly-awarded Monash village.

All of our facilities give you the opportunity to balance privacy within your beautifully appointed room, with opportunities to socialise and take advantage of our outstanding range of facilities.  In each facility, you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with 24 hour access to our dedicated care and nursing support.


09 Dec 2020
Ralph Cartwright Centre open house [Cancelled]
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16 Dec 2020
David Harper House open house [Cancelled]
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23 Dec 2020
David Harper House open house [Cancelled]
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01 Jan 2021
Goodwin House open house [Cancelled]
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All our cottage-style rooms are fully furnished, spacious and bathed in natural sunlight, with everything you need to ensure your optimum daily comfort including private ensuite, storage space, a bar cooler, tea and coffee making facilities, flat screen TV, reverse cycle air conditioning, electric bed, in-slab heating and serene garden views.

The staff and carers have been absolutely amazing and we greatly appreciate the quality of their care! We have become a part of the Goodwin family and they have become a part of our family.

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Goodwin resident

Goodwin Monash—Ralph Cartwright Centre

27 Cockcroft Avenue Monash, ACT, 2904