Ainslie, Goodwin House

The architect-designed Goodwin House offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, thanks to an impressive foyer featuring a large exotic fish tank, grand piano and relaxing lounge.

All of our facilities give you the opportunity to balance privacy within your beautifully appointed room, with opportunities to socialise and take advantage of our outstanding range of facilities.  In each facility, you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with 24 hour access to our dedicated care and nursing support.


All our rooms are fully furnished, spacious and beautifully appointed with everything you need to ensure your optimum daily comfort including plenty of storage space, desk and lounge, a bar refrigerator, flat screen TV, reverse cycle air conditioning and electric bed.


I chose Goodwin as it was the best choice for me after my husband had passed away. I like the people here and I have made some good friends.

Goodwin House resident

Goodwin Ainslie

35 Bonney Street Ainslie, ACT, 2602