Life Stories Breakfast – Palliative Care ACT


Goodwin, proud sponsor of the great breakfast at Realm Hotel for Palliative Care ACT’s Life Stories relaunch today. The event was a fundraiser for the Life Stories Program. Research shows telling people’s life story helps support the person dying as well as those close to them.

Jean Kittson, managed to make the whole room laugh despite the seriousness of her subject, death and dying.

Image 1: Goodwin staff: L to R: Charlotte Bai, Manager of Residential (Ainslie), Jan Scott, Clinical Nurse Consultant (Monash), Laura Connolly, Care Manager (Ralph Cartwright Centre), Evelyn McDonald, Care Manager (Ainslie).

Image 2: Jean Kittson, writer, comedian and performer.

Image 3: Julie Elliott, Operations Manager, Palliative Care ACT.

Image 4: Clyde Rathbone, Former Brumby & Wallaby, co-founder of Karma.