International Nurses Day 2023


International Nurses Day is a time to acknowledge and appreciate the unwavering commitment, selflessness, and expertise of nurses worldwide. These remarkable individuals play an invaluable role in our society, touching countless lives and making a profound difference every day. As we celebrate this special occasion, we take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to the nurses at Goodwin for their extraordinary dedication and the exceptional care they provide to residents.

For International Nurses Day this year, celebrations were held at George Sautelle House. There was a delectable spread of chicken wings, butter chicken and rice, cinnamon sugared apple pastries and lasagne for staff to enjoy. A magician offered balloon art and mind-blowing close-up magic tricks.

Nurses were given personalised mugs with their names and two tickets to enjoy a trip to the movies with a friend or family member. There were also grazing platters and bottles of wine to take home. Goodwin nurses came together to enjoy the day, and executive staff were in attendance to express their gratitude.

To nurses everywhere, today and every day, we thank you. Your contributions do not go unnoticed, and we hope you feel as valued as you truly are.