Home exercises with the Goodwin Health and Wellness Centre

Exercises that you can do in your own home to stay healthy and strong

These challenging times prevent us from attending our regular group exercise classes, but fear not! It is still possible to have a great workout at home with minimal equipment.

Goodwin Exercise Physiologist Brayden and Health and Wellness Centre Crace Receptionist Kersten run through a full body routine. Incorporating upper and lower body strength, endurance and balance, this is a workout that everyone can benefit from.

Each exercise has a number of variations to make it easier or more challenging, so it’s suitable for for beginners, intermediate and the more advanced.

Each exercise is detailed below:

  • Sit to stand

  • Marching

  • Seated ball/pillow squeeze

  • Bicep curl

  • Wall pushups

  • Calf raise

  • Wall squat hold

  • Single leg balance

  • Balance challenge

Keep healthy and be safe,
The Goodwin Health and Wellness Team.

11 minutes

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