Goodwin’s Senior Achiever Award Finalists


Congratulations to our Senior Achiever Award Finalists

Congratulations to Goodwin’s Noeleen Reid, Lee Hill and Magdelena Bell, who are finalists for the Senior Achiever Award, part of the COTA Seniors Week Positive Ageing Awards, announced this Friday 16 March.

Goodwin is extremely proud to not only sponsor The Positive Ageing Awards but also to have three finalists for the Senior Achiever Award. An award that recognises an older person for their contribution to the Canberra community, either in a volunteer or paid capacity.

One of our finalists, Lee Hill has been volunteering at Crace Day Club for the last 15 months and loves working there.

“I really enjoy interacting with the people that go to the day club, they have such a great sense of humour, often a wicked sense of humour. The staff are fantastic at the day club very supportive toward the clients and their needs,” says Lee.

“I speak French and Italian with the clients, one client in particular responds a lot better when I talk to her in French,” says Lee.

“My job is to welcome clients, get them morning tea, talk and listen to them, organise some light chair exercises, run games, arts and crafts, and activities such as bingo, card matching, and outings around Canberra such as lunch at the local club.”

“The day club is a great idea as it gets people who are isolated out of their homes, socialising, participating in light exercises, and activities which stimulates their brain and provides company, they have a laugh together, which is always good for one’s health,” says Lee.

Finalist Noeleen Reid, a registered nurse, has worked at Goodwin for 12 years and works as an on-site nurse at Goodwin House, Ainslie and Ralph Cartwright Centre, Monash.

“I like the residents, and enjoy working with the friendly and supportive team. I really enjoy the variety of work involved in clinical care, health assessments post illness, care plans, wound-care and general nursing,” she says.

“Goodwin staff are very resourceful and learn to adapt to changes as they happen as there are always lots of changes. The staff always put the residents first, they are very protective of the residents and have a lot of empathy towards them,” says Noeleen.

Magdalena Bell, also a finalist for the Senior Achiever Award, starting working at Goodwin seven years ago. She works primarily with people living with Dementia in the Ralph Cartwright Centre and has a Certificate III in Aged Care.

“I knew from the age of 17 when I was working in Moruya Hospital that I wanted to work in aged care,” she says.

“If I start my communication with the residents by connecting with them in a way that is meaningful to them then the interaction is extremely rewarding,” says Magdalena.

One particular resident, she discovered, loved the rhyme ‘one two buckle my shoe’ so now Magdalena sings this to her to make her happy and relaxed while receiving care services.

“Another resident likes a massage, another a cuddle, the next resident I give a kiss on the forehead. For another resident I worked out what her favourite biscuits were,” she says.

“My job involves changing residents, showering them, making them cups of tea, reassuring them if they get confused, and massages and chats as required,” she says.

“I don’t find my work difficult as I get so much out of it,” says Magdalena. She becomes teary saying, “I love my job, I just enjoy it so much.”

Goodwin is a proud sponsor of The Positive Ageing Awards, and has been named as the Seniors Advocate Award sponsor. The Seniors Advocate Award recognises an outsanding commitment by a person or group in advocating for seniors. The Positive Ageing Awards are part of ACT Seniors Week held during 12-18 March. The Awards will be held at the Canberra Labor Club on Friday 16 March, from 2:30-4pm.

For more details on The Positive Ageing Awards click here.

Pictured: Magdalena Bell