Goodwin’s response to 2018 Budget


Goodwin Aged Care Services commends new supports for aged care and a constructive new direction in seniors’ services in Treasurer Morrison’s 2018 federal budget.

We congratulate the Government on a well-rounded approach that gives consideration to financial options, work, physical activity, wellbeing, mental health and community engagement as well as direct care. This is a positive new direction in supporting quality of life and empowerment through choice for Australia’s seniors.
We welcome the urgently needed 14,000 additional new places for home care.

“Goodwin champions the policy of choice for as many seniors as possible to stay in their own homes. For this vision to become reality government and providers must work together on a sustainable, long-term plan and we look forward to significant further development in this area”, said Goodwin Chief Executive Officer Sue Levy.

We welcome the announcement of 13,500 residential aged care places and 775 short term restorative care places, with a $60 million capital investment to support them. We welcome also the $82.5 million over four years for mental health services for people in residential aged care facilities.

“It must be understood that residential aged care is not a choice for the majority of its residents”, said Ms Levy. “It will continue to be an essential service regardless of any increase in take-up of home care, thus any aged care plan must provide balanced supports for both.”

With the number of Australians living with dementia expected to reach more than 1.1 million by 2056, residential aged care will continue to play an important role.

We reiterate statements by LASA that safety and quality in aged care is not negotiable and we also welcome the Government’s budget announcement of $50 million for residential care to transition to a new quality regime.

“$32.8 million over four years to deliver palliative care in residential aged care is also to be commended and we strongly urge our Territory government to meet the contingency on matched funding”, said Ms Levy.

“We recognise that as Australia’s population ages, the Government needs to ensure its aged care funding is sustainable”, Ms Levy said. “We also agree there is much more work to do.”

“We encourage Parliament to adopt the 2018 budget plan as a minimum, to ensure Treasurer Morrison’s ‘guarantee of essential services’ via adequate foundation supports for a sustainable system of quality, accessible care into the future,” said Ms Levy.

“Certainty allows for investment and innovation.”

Goodwin Aged Care Services is a not-for-profit organisation and the ACT’s largest and longest-standing local provider. It is also one of the ACT’s largest private employers. Goodwin owns four residential aged care facilities, four retirement living villages and three seniors’ day clubs, and offers home care services to approximately 1000 seniors across the ACT and neighbouring regional NSW.