Goodwin welcomes university student nurses

Three groups of 24 student nurses spent two weeks each in our residential care facilities, serving our seniors and learning from our staff. The placements were a result of a cooperation between Goodwin and Australian Catholic University (ACU) marking the first time we welcomed nursing students at our residential care facilities.

Turin Prasantha, Goodwin’s Executive Manager Development People and Culture said, “We are really happy to be able to contribute to the skill development of aspiring young nurses from ACU. We hope to make it an enriching experience that enables them to go a long way in their careers.”

Following an induction where they were given training on a wide range of aged care safety and health-related subjects, the students were split into small groups and assigned shifts during which they got the opportunity to work and learn under Goodwin nurses.

Sharing her experience, student nurse Emilia Ashman said, “A lot of what we learned in the classroom was pure nursing skills, but coming here and being able to apply that knowledge has been fantastic. I hope to make it count when I enter my professional life. And I won’t mind starting it with Goodwin!”.