Goodwin launches Employee Wellness Program


Goodwin is pleased to announce the launch of its employee Wellness Calendar. We firmly believe that quality health plays an important role in the success of our company and we are laying the foundation for a healthier work environment through this program implementation.

Our new Wellness Program is designed to help provide a healthy work environment and to support the adoption of healthy habits by employees who want to improve their own health and fitness levels.

The Wellness Program is a timely effort to ensure that everyone in Goodwin feels supported mentally, culturally and physically.

“The Wellness program is the result of a good deal of hard work, research and creativity by our People and Culture team,” said Goodwin CEO, Sue Levy. “It aims to support our employees to enjoy a happy, positive and safe workplace that supports their wellbeing.”

Toral and Turin from our People and Culture team have been working hard to ensure Goodwin received their Healthier Work Recognition,

The program has already achieved a certificate of recognition for “commitment to creating a healthier workplace” from the Head Up program, partnered by the ACT Government’s Healthier Work program and Beyond Blue.

We believe that this is another crucial aspect of a happy workplace, one where all employees feel supported and respected to be themselves.

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