Goodwin Farrer redevelopment update


The Administrative and Civil Appeals Tribunal (ACAT) reconvened on 22 September 2016 on the matter of the Goodwin Farrer redevelopment.

Earlier, in a report on 19 August, the tribunal had supported three of the independent living apartment buildings per the original designs.

The tribunal had also requested that Goodwin revisit the design of the remaining two apartment buildings and the residential care facility, to improve the visual amenity.

At a second tribunal sitting on 22 September, we gained clarification on how those buildings are required to be revised.

Over coming weeks we will be working with our architects, AMC Architecture, on revised plans that will be presented at the end of September.

“We are positive about this process and excited about the potential for this village,” said Goodwin Chief Executive Officer, Sue Levy.

“Goodwin is a not-for-profit organisation that has been an integral part of the Farrer community for 40 years. It has always been our desire to work with our community on a village that meets the needs of all concerned,” said Ms Levy.

The vision is a village with linkages to the natural environment, visitor spaces and playgrounds, health and wellness initiatives, lifestyle amenities and stylish modern homes – all with quality of life in mind.

“We are pleased to be moving forward,” said Ms Levy.

The tribunal is scheduled to hand down a decision on the revised plans on 21 October 2016.