Environmental Sustainability at Goodwin

What are we doing to care for our environment?

Sustainability is a core value in everything we do.

There are many programs and activities we are a part of to promote these values.

We have initiatives in action and in planning for both current and future sites.

Read our environmental sustainability statement for more information on our commitments.

Environmentally friendly designs

Goodwin villages start with thoughtful design, that takes into account sustainability. Depending on location, this can include:

  • Solar panels
  • Double glazing
  • Water saving devices
  • LED lighting
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Implementation of Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) principles in the Goodwin Village Downer design

Reducing waste

Goodwin has a range of initiatives to reduce the waste of resources. This includes:

  • Reduction of paper within corporate services through use of systems & electronic storage
  • Transition from physical mail to email for resident/client statements in order to reduce printing, paper and postage
  • Installation of organic waste recycling bins that convert food waste into compost used for village gardens.

PIRANHA Heat Recovery System

Goodwin’s retirement living infrastructure is the first of its kind in the world to utilise PIRANHA heat recovery systems. The systems capture the heat in the building’s wastewater and then use it to heat the hot water for showers, laundry, sinks, dishwashers and sanitation practices.

This is the second PIRANHA system installed in all of Australia, and Goodwin hopes to inspire other facilities to follow suit.

Energy Efficiency

Systems and appliances that have low energy usage are a key part of improving environmental sustainability. Some ways that Goodwin is increasing energy efficiency include:

  • Replacement and/or installation of solar PV systems throughout Goodwin Villages
  • Replacement of conventional lighting with environmentally friendly LED
  • Replacement of split system air conditioning systems to more energy efficient alternatives


Goodwin is an accredited ACTSmart business recycler that recognises the importance of reuse. Recycling gives a second life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, and reduces the world’s demand for manufacture of new products.

Recycling initiatives include:

  • Skips in place across our villages for both cardboard waste and comingled plastics and containers
  • Challenges and competitions among residents and staff to encourage recycling on site
  • Participation in ACT’s Container Deposit Scheme and ACT Smart Waste programs

Electric Vehicles

As part of our commitment to cleaner energy use, Goodwin has unveiled several electric vehicles.

Our Day Club vans and several of our Home Care cars are now fully electric, reducing our emissions and offering a smooth ride for clients.

Insect and Bird Friendly Gardens

Goodwin Village Crace residents are doing their part to combat reducing wildlife populations with their insect and bird-friendly gardens. The specially chosen plants provide shelter and food for a range of native species.

The gardening project hopes to spread to other locations around Goodwin to further encourage environmentally friendly gardening activities.

“‘For Goodwin, sustainability includes ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same or better economic, social and environmental conditions that we do today.”