End of Life Care

Caring for you or your loved ones in their final days with dignity and love

You won’t have to go through anything alone

End-of-life care can be hard to talk about, but it is an important conversation to have.

There may be some difficult decisions to make, and we want you to feel supported when the time comes to make them.

Our team are compassionate, understanding, and ready to have that conversation with you. Whether you need advice, or just someone to talk to.


The Violet Initiative

Goodwin is proudly partnered with The Violet Initiative, a national not-for-profit that provides information and support to help Australians navigate the last stage of life and the grief and loss that accompanies it.

The program focuses on providing support to Goodwin families whose loved one is in the last 12 months of their life through resources and support services that help navigate this time, and make the most of the precious time they have left with their loved ones.

You can find out more about Violet here.

How we can support you through Violet

Through our partnership, Violet provides resources and learning to Goodwin staff.

Staff are educated so they can provide Goodwin families with the best possible advice, including recognising when a resident is moving into the final stages of life.

We may refer you to Violet if we notice you need some extra support.

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