COVID-19: our focus on prevention

The unfolding COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic requires strong measures to protect our community. Some Goodwin sites are considered ‘high risk settings’ in relation to public health directions and as such may be subject to additional COVID-19 restrictions.

We ask for your cooperation when you come into contact with the Goodwin community, and we commit to keeping our people informed. Read a message from our CEO here.

Please do not enter a Goodwin site, and inform any home care worker, if you:

  1. are experiencing any flu-like symptoms,
  2. have travelled to any recent COVID hot spots,
  3. have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case
  4. are otherwise required to self-isolate.

All Goodwin staff are screened for the above daily at entry and undergo regular mandatory training in infection control and COVID-19.

We have a comprehensive outbreak management plan in place and a Taskforce that meets regularly to review the situation.

Our clubhouse facilities, cafes and social programs are operating under the relevant State/Territory Government’s rulings on social distancing and gathering numbers, and will continue to adapt as the COVID-19 journey continues.

Our aim is to re-start any services that may be forced to pause, as soon as possible within the health directives and while balancing strong infection control measures for the protection of our residents.

We ask visitors to be mindful that the majority of retirement village residents are among those most vulnerable to serious illness if they contract COVID-19.

We continue to consult closely with our residents on how best to adapt to the circumstances, while enjoying the village as much as possible.


We welcome visitors and residents to contact the Village Manager or our COVID enquiries email for the most up-to-date information.

Using the clubhouses

For the protection of residents, entry to clubhouses is in line with public health directives for business and venues. We ask that no one enters the clubhouse who:

  • is experiencing any COVID-like symptoms or has fever;
  • is required to self-isolate for any reason, including having travelled to an identified area of concern.

Please sign in using the forms provided at entry, and register using the Check In CBR app or Service NSW app where in place.

Supporting our residents

During the COVID-19 journey to date we have been supporting residents with initiatives including:

  • weekly welfare calls to residents, with more frequent calls to residents who are in self-isolation or are identified as vulnerable
  • take away meal services and home deliveries of café meals and drinks
  • home deliveries of newspapers or books from our clubhouse library
  • weekly ‘distanced’ events such as balcony dance parties
  • cashless transactions at the cafes
  • continuation of essential maintenance services.

Information and contacts

For the latest advice, information and resources:

If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.

Residential aged care is considered a ‘high risk setting’ and as such may be subject to additional COVID-19 restrictions than the wider community. Goodwin follows public health emergency directives from ACT Health. You cannot visit aged care facilities if you:

  • Have been in a geographical area of risk in the last 14 days (listed at the building entry)
  • Arrived from any place outside Australia within the last 14 days
  • Have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • Have a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees or history of fever (e.g. night sweats or chills) or other symptoms of a respiratory infection such as a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell or loss of taste
  • Are required to self-isolate/quarantine for any reason.

Visiting hours

Weekdays 7am to 7pm
Weekends 9am to 5pm

Ideally, please book ahead to help us control numbers of people in the building at any one time. You can book ahead online any time. To learn more, or to book your visit, click here or visit

Restrictions for returned travellers change frequently. Please call or email ahead to check, and check entry signage each day.

How many visitors can come, and for how long?

  • There are no restrictions on the number of care and support visitors a resident can have at any one time (you are also not limited in the number of hours you can stay).
  • There are no restrictions on the duration of a welfare or wellbeing visit or on the number of welfare or wellbeing visitors a resident can have at any one time. A welfare or wellbeing visit is a visit made to one or more residents of a residential aged care facility for the purposes of providing welfare or wellbeing services. Examples include:
    • A legal practitioner visiting for the purpose of executing a will by a client who is a resident of a facility
    • A hairdresser visiting for the purposes of providing haircuts to residents of the facility
    • Religious or spiritual services that cater to more than one resident at a time.
    • Choirs, singers and musicians performing to residents of a facility.

Note that social distancing rules still apply to all areas, and restrict the number of people in a residents’ room to 2 people + the resident.

COVID-safe visiting

Visitors are encouraged to remember the following COVID-safe behaviours.

  • Follow the rules put in place by the aged care facility.
  • Keep your visit to one area: a resident’s room, outdoors, or a designated visitors’ area.
  • Keep to the room capacity rules for social distancing (this may restrict how many people can be in the resident’s room at one time, in particular)
  • Keep out of communal areas where risk of transmission is greater.
  • Maintain physical distance of 1.5 meters wherever possible.
  • Practise good hand and respiratory hand hygiene.

Children of all ages can visit a residential aged care facility. They must always be supervised to ensure they follow physical distancing and hygiene measures.

Information and contacts

For the latest advice, information and resources:

  • Fact sheets and updates from Department of Health:
  • National Coronavirus Health Information Line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 1800 020 080
  • ACT Department of Health:
  • ACT COVID Hotline (02) 6207 7244 from 8am-8pm daily.

If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.

Because older people are among those at higher risk of serious illness should they contract COVID-19, Goodwin is taking protective measures very seriously.

There may be changes to the way we do some things, such as limiting person-to-person touch where possible. We will work with you on an individual basis.

Goodwin home care services are continuing, and we are welcoming new clients.

Calling prior to visits

Our carers will be calling clients before entering the home, to ask some screening questions such as if you have travelled to a risk area or are experiencing symptoms. This may affect how we conduct visits or if we are able to come to the home.

Please call us to discuss immediately if anyone in your household, or with whom you have had close contact recently, has been to an area of risk, or is experiencing symptoms or had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Visit cancellations

For clients with home care packages, we have temporarily relaxed Goodwin’s cancellation of visit policy so you need only provide 24 hours notice to cancel (reduced from 72 hours).

Contactless shopping

Carers can come to collect your shopping list and payment from your front door. On return, your shopping will be placed outside your door for you to collect, and the carer will phone you to tell you it’s there. If you require assistance to unpack your groceries, we will still assist with this.

Social support visits by telephone

If you feel better about it, your carer can continue social support visits by telephone instead of visiting in person. If you have access to technology, we can also set up video calling so we can see each other as we talk. All you need is your mobile phone, tablet or computer to get started. We might also be able to put systems in place to help you keep in contact with family members while everyone is staying home, such as video calling on your computer or mobile phone.

Will Goodwin still take me to appointments?

Yes, we still offer transport services. We may ask you to sit in the back seat to practise social distancing during this time. Please keep in mind that the Government requests we all stay home as much as possible for the next while, to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but we will support you on essential trips.

Is it safe for me to have your workers in my home?

The long-standing and well-practised infection control procedures and policies that Goodwin has in place are appropriate for COVID-19 and are being strongly enforced, and continually reviewed as new information becomes available. Our staff are undergoing increased training in this area and your carers are equipped with personal protective equipment to ensure the effective management of infection control.

Masks and protective wear

We will follow any changing guidelines from the relevant State/Territory department of health in regards to wearing masks. Currently, full personal protective equipment such as gowns and goggles is only for use when providing services to people with symptoms of COVID-19.

Safety sensors available

For extra reassurance, Goodwin is offering all home care clients to have ‘Billy Care’ electronic sensors installed in your home so that we can check to see that you are still active in the house and completing daily routines if you are receiving fewer visits. Your Home Care Package funding can cover this.

These are not cameras; you will not be watched! They are movement sensors only, which will send an alert to Goodwin if anything seems awry. Your nominated loved ones can be included in any alerts if you wish. Please contact your care coordinator if you would like further information.

Day clubs

Goodwin day clubs are subject to social distancing rules for group gatherings, as well as entry restrictions for high risk settings under public health directives. Face mask rules will also be followed for the relevant State/Territory. Goodwin day clubs are currently in operation.

Information and contacts

If you have questions or your situation changes, please contact our home care office:

business hours: 6175 5650

after hours, southside suburbs: 0423 261 488

after hours, northside suburbs: 0431 373 919.

Information and contacts

For the latest advice, information and resources:

If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.