Commitment to Quality: All Goodwin villages accredited

Goodwin retirement villages achieve a significant milestone, all securing accreditation from the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme (ARVAS). Goodwin Village The Manor is the latest to receive this accreditation, highlighting Goodwin’s steadfast commitment to offering quality senior living.

Erik Boddeus Executive Manager Retirement Living Property and Development and Brett Hood The Manor Village Manager


Accreditation across all Goodwin retirement villages serves as formal recognition of Goodwin’s unwavering commitment to quality improvements, implementation of effective systems, processes and team work. The latest accreditation at The Manor highlights Goodwin retirement village’s proactive on going above and beyond to deliver high quality service to residents.

ARVAS is co-owned by the Property Council of Australia and Aged and Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) and is independently operated on their behalf by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP), Australia’s most comprehensive not-for-profit accreditation organisation. ARVAS is the main accreditation scheme for retirement villages in Australia and works directly with the Retirement Living Code of Conduct to ensure organisations meet national standards.

Erik Boddeus, Executive Manager Retirement Living, Property and Development said ‘receiving accreditation across all Goodwin retirement villages speaks to our dedication to excellence, instilling confidence in our residents about the high quality of care of provide.’

Living in a QIP accredited Goodwin village means residents can have peace of mind knowing they will receive high quality services and support in a safe environment from an organisation that embraces diversity, welcomes internal and external audits and consistently seeks opportunities to improve services provided.

The accreditation process engaged village staff, sales officers and corporate teams to review village systems and processes. These processes were then reviewed by independent assessors from QIP to ensure the village met ARVAS’ stringent standards. These standards focus upon quality areas including governance, communication, corporate systems, quality of service delivery, environment, teamwork, privacy, safety and relationship management.

Chairman of Quality Innovation Performance Gary Smith stated the ‘accreditation is more than a compliance-based program, it recognises strengths and areas for improvement, which helps retirement villages to identify key quality improvement priorities. This should be commended, and QIP congratulates Goodwin Village The Manor on reaching this national benchmark.’

‘The Manor’s achievement is a testament to the excellent cooperation, commitment and communication amongst the Goodwin residents and the team, and I’m very proud of all involved’ added Boddeus.

Goodwin villages take pride in displaying the QIP accredited symbol and extends its congratulations to the retirement living staff in Batemans Bay and all its ACT villages for their outstanding team effort and excellent achievement.