Celebrating 10 years of Monash Men’s Shed

Celebrating 10 years of making 

Goodwin Village Monash Men’s Shed celebrates its 10th anniversary with a great party, heartfelt speeches, and a donation printed on a giant cheque!

The Men’s Shed in Monash first opened its doors to residents on November 10, 2011. The village manager at the time, David Hull, remembers the Men’s Shed as a lively and in-demand addition to the village.

‘It was really popular and well run by its members, and they were very organised and enthusiastic. I remember the great sausage sizzles held and all the laughter that came with it’.

Ten years later, the Men’s Shed is still going strong. Still as popular as ever, and still welcoming any and all residents wanting to partake.

Alan Johnston, who moved into Goodwin Village Monash three years ago, has been the coordinator for a few years and thoroughly enjoys it.

‘The Men’s Shed creates a sense of fellowship and community among the residents’, Alan proudly says. ‘It gives people the opportunity to work and talk to one another with no judgement. It’s a great support system and gives the residents a chance to interact. If this didn’t exist, they’d be sitting at home doing nothing’.

Alan mentions that it isn’t all just work. They regularly hold gatherings and have Wednesday BBQs. They encourage one another to share their stories.

‘We all come from different backgrounds and have interesting stories to tell. It’s a great way to connect and learn something new’.

Not only do they share their own stories, but each month they also invite speakers from around Canberra to discuss current affairs and topics of interest. ‘It gives us an understanding of what’s happening outside and the kind of things they do. Our most recent speaker was an editor from Canberra Weekly.’

As the Christmas season approaches, Alan tells us to look out for the excellent toy trucks and trains Angus Ferguson creates. ‘Angus is our eldest member who is 96 years old but still looks 40 years old!’

Alan feels that having a Men’s Shed in Goodwin is a great initiative, ‘The Tuggeranong Men’s Shed would have been the closest one. I know some blokes can’t travel that far, so one in the village is very convenient.’

Thank you to the members who continue to participate in the Men’s Shed activities. We give special thanks to the Committee members Alan Johnston, Bill Ludas, Peter Skurka, Jim Crane, Angus Ferguson and David Irons, who keep the community active and thriving in this unprecedented time.

Thank you also to all of the members of Men’s Sheds located across all Goodwin retirement villages and for making them a space where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender.

And a very happy birthday to Angus who celebrated his 97th birthday on the day.