Caring for those who care for us

Goodwin’s inaugural Staff Appreciation Day on 13 September has left us overwhelmed and deeply touched by the huge number of ‘thank you’ messages received from our clients, residents and co-workers.

The brainchild of CEO Sue Levy, Staff Appreciation Day was a unique celebration to thank our people for their efforts in a truly special way.

In build-up to the day, we had asked our customers and colleagues to share their personal messages for our staff. The response was far greater than expected, and we received hundreds of messages via SMS and Facebook, and special handwritten notes posted on ‘thank you’ trees inside each of our facilities. Some customers even sent us their photos with their carers, with a ‘thank you’ note, which made the day even more special for them.

It was a day full of surprises and great memories. Special lunches were organised, followed by fun activities, where people mingled with colleagues from other departments. There were gifts and games, among other treats. Even our CEO, Sue Levy, joined in the fun!

Earlier in the day, selected staff were chauffeured to work and back by their area executives, in especially loaned luxury Toyota cars. But the highlight of the day was when four staff members unwrapped their gift chocolates to get the shock of their lives. They had won Golden Tickets for a free hot air balloon ride over Canberra!

“I will never forget this day!”, said Ani, from our catering team at Ainslie, who was chauffeured to work by her area executive.