Did you know volunteering has health benefits for the volunteer as well as the people they help?

Goodwin volunteers hold such a special place in the hearts of our residents and staff. They enrich lives, offer greater social interaction and let us offer broader care services.

But when you volunteer, your wellbeing and mental health are positively impacted by:

  • Giving you a sense of achievement and purpose.
  • Feeling part of a community.
  • Feeling better about yourself by improving your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Helping you share your talents (and maybe even learn new skills).
  • Helping combat stress, loneliness, social isolation and depression.
  • Letting you meet new people, making you feel more connected and valued.

If you:

  • Have time to give (we’re super flexible)

  • Want to share your passions (we love learning new things)

  • Love making a real difference in people’s lives (and you will make a very big difference)

we’d love to chat!

Activities Assistants

Activities are run daily across our residential care facilities and day clubs. You can assist with:

  • help set up and run a group
  • call bingo
  • scrabble
  • bridge
  • cards
  • crafts
  • games
  • painting
  • model building
  • social/conversation groups

Bus Drivers

Transport lively group outings on the Goodwin minibuses, assist smaller groups or chauffeur seniors to important appointments.

We welcome volunteers with an endorsed license (able to drive more than a 12 seater bus) who can help drive the Goodwin bus fleet for group outings.


Religious Services

Help bring church or prayer services (of any faith) to those who can’t get to them. Help with weekly services at any of our villages.

Language Assistance

Turn isolation into joy. Helping non-English speakers tell us what they need or just have a chat with someone who speaks their language.

Computer Tuition

Help residents stay in touch with distant loved ones via the internet or help them update their tech.

Arts, Craft and Music

There are always opportunities to help with art, craft or even give a short musical performance.

Pet Therapy

Bring in your pets or petting animals to connect with residents.

A Cuppa and a Chat

If you’ve got time for a cuppa and a chat, you’re very welcome because sometimes, company and conversation is all it takes to brighten someone’s day!

You can also be company for clients being driven on the bus to Goodwin facilities, or on their return home in the afternoon

Carers and Students

Thinking about a career in care or nursing? Get valuable on-the-job experience!

What does Goodwin offer you?

Goodwin offers access to training and support. You’ll be a valued member of our team in a dynamic, benevolent institution. And you get a free polo shirt!

Ready to volunteer?

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