Better quality of life

We give you the tools to maintain the home life you love, get out and about, and return to being able to do the things you used to.

Despite the name, home care at Goodwin is also about helping you maintain the community connections that mean so much, and helping you get out of the house if you’re not so mobile anymore.

Much more than personal care

Goodwin home care offers personal care such as assistance with bathing or freshening up for the day, if appropriate to the client’s needs. But our home care services offer much more:

Time and energy: Are you finding that some things ‘take it out of you’ more than they used to? We can help with the little things, to give you time and energy to enjoy the rest of your day.

Individualised service packages in line with your needs, goals, and what you’re comfortable with.

High levels of care can be catered for at Goodwin, with a suite of complementary services and nurse care to improve quality of life for those living with chronic conditions or complex health issues.

Company and social outings are crucial to combat the social isolation that can come when you lose mobility, or lose those closest to you. Goodwin carers are happy to accompany you to your favourite places, for lunch or a refreshment, or on your favourite errands. Our Day Clubs offer a great day out on a regular basis.

Quality time with loved ones: We take on the carer role, so that you can go back to enjoying each other’s company purely as loved ones and not as carer/recipient.

Case studies

Peg: My goal is to feel more able and safe in my home

“I’ve recovered well from a couple of silly falls, but I’m not so robust anymore and some housework is too hard now. I laugh at myself when I get stuck in certain lounge chairs! I live alone, and find it hard to really relax at times because another fall is in the back of my mind.”

Ask about these services
  • Vacuuming
  • Bed-making
  • Safety rails installed in my bathroom
  • Care coordinator to refer to physiotherapist to assist with mobility, like a wheelie-walker
  • Care coordinator to source strength and balance exercise programs or occupational therapy to help make me more stable on my feet
  • Occasional meal preparation, because I tend to avoid lifting heavy hot baking dishes and pots

Vic: My goal is to be able to go out and do my shopping again

“My walk or bus ride down the street used to be my thing. I’d always bump into people I know, hear the news or catch a game at the club. I’m just not strong enough to walk that much anymore… The worst is I can’t carry home my favourite tub of ice-cream or the butcher’s roast!”

Ask about these services
  • Company to do my shopping and carry my bags once a week
  • Company to do my bill-paying (and share a cuppa on the way)
  • Help to source mobility aids to help me get around every day
  • Transport to my favourite club, or occasional sports game
  • Physiotherapy guidance to get stronger

Inge: My goal is for to have the Freedom of a full and social lifestyle

“I’ve always had loads of friends but I feel trapped at home these days. I used to be very close with my church group, and I always said I’d use my retirement to go to art classes or study Italian but chronic health issues means I need fairly high level care – I’m often in pain and it’s difficult to get out.”

Ask about these services
  • Weekly transport to my class or church service
  • Personal assistance to feel good and get ready more quickly on outing days
  • Nurse visits to manage my health issues
  • Medication management to help me keep on top of it all
  • Personal care products delivered to my door
  • Gardening services to keep my garden under control when I’m not able to (and leave me more time to go out!)

Dale: My goal is to be able to give my partner the high care they need, and be able to keep my own quality of life too

“After my partner was initially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I felt I had become trapped in my own home as he couldn’t be left alone. I don’t want to ask my family to do too much, they’re so busy and we don’t want to become
a burden.”

Ask about these services
  • We can take over for a few hours, allowing the carer to get out, see friends and recharge (“respite care”)
  • Personal care assistance for your loved one.
  • Visits from our carers with specific dementia training who can provide an engaging, socially stimulating support visits.
  • Recommendations from our care coordinators to link you with carer support groups and educational opportunities to assist those in caring roles.
  • Review by a dietician due to decrease in appetite and weight loss, if your loved one isn’t eating well.
  • Provision of nutritional supplements following recommendation from the dietician.
  • Weekly transport for your loved one to Day Club or a social outing.