Farrer redevelopment

Goodwin Village Farrer, incorporating George Sautelle House, has served the local community since 1977. The village is scheduled for redevelopment beginning in 2017.

Rebuilding a 40-year-old facility will boost Canberra’s aged care services and the quality of life of our residents. The redevelopment of Goodwin Farrer will improve local access to quality modern facilities. It will also meet growing demand for seniors’ accommodation in the ACT.

“The ACT needs to develop in older suburbs as well as greenfield sites, so seniors are not forced to leave their beloved community as their needs change with age,” said Goodwin Chief Executive, Sue Levy.

“The impact of a growing seniors’ population is an issue for today.” The Woden Valley now has amongst the highest percentage of aged persons per capita in Canberra. The ACT’s total population of persons 85 years and over is projected to increase by 509 per cent by 2056 (Population Ageing in the ACT, ACT Government 2010). The number of ACT residents aged 65-84 years is projected to increase by 170 per cent.

This is a very exciting and innovative project and both of us are looking forward to having a new apartment. Keeping and enhancing the perimeter landscape is really important in maintaining the character of the village and the suburb

Goodwin Farrer resident
Want to know more?

Contact AMC Architecture for project information, or Goodwin’s media liaison, Vicki Collins on (02) 6175 5055.

For enquiries about residential care services at Farrer, contact our Admissions Officer on (02) 6175 5192.

To go on the wait list for independent living apartments, and to be notified when sales open, please contact Renee or Liz in our sales team on (02) 6175 5000.