Residential aged care closed to visitors

After much deliberation, the time has come to close Goodwin residential care facilities to visitors, for the protection of our vulnerable residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We apologise for the short notice. As you will have come to appreciate by now, the national situation changes daily, if not hourly. We have wanted to provide our residents with access to their loved ones for as long as possible, while managing the risks.

Please note: There is NO case of COVID-19 at Goodwin. This decision is a risk-management choice only. We are coming into an especially high-risk period. COVID-19 cases are escalating daily in the ACT and NSW.

We are also coming into the influenza season, which can create complications for anyone with COVID-19. At this stage, the influenza vaccine for older people (a particular composition) will not be available until mid-April. Goodwin staff influenza vaccinations are beginning today.

At this stage we cannot predict when we will re-open for visitation and we must be practical about anticipating some months of separation.

Please know that we will do as much as we can to help keep you and your loved ones connected during this period.

  • You will be able to video-call residents via Skype. We are making available one laptop per floor (for those who don’t have their own) on an easy-clean trolley. This is so we can keep on top of hygiene on the equipment for each use. You will therefore need to call ahead to book a Skype time with the concierge, who will provide the Skype address for your loved one’s area. Talk to us if you require a different platform.
  • Our activities teams will be working on other creative ways to keep you connected, and to support residents’ wellbeing mentally, emotionally and socially. We welcome families’ input on ideas and activities.
  • Families with a loved one in palliative care will be facilitated to visit during the closure period, on arrangement with the Director of Nursing. We will contact you personally.
  • For residents’ protection, there is no sharing of care staff between Goodwin sites.
  • Flu vaccinations for our staff are beginning on Monday 30 March and it is mandatory for all staff to be vaccinated this year.
  • Residents and staff are being temperature checked daily, and all staff and visitors screened.
  • The facilities will also be closed to contractors unless to address an urgent situation.
  • While the Government recommends Australians not leave their homes unless essential, Goodwin residents are urged not to leave the facility unless for urgent medical attention or other essential appointments.
    • Any residents who do leave the facility will be isolated for 14 days from their return, to reduce the risk of infecting fellow residents or staff.
  • We will support residents to access the influenza vaccine for older people as soon as it becomes available.

We continue to communicate with families on a weekly basis during this period, and more often as appropriate, either in writing or by direct call.

Again, we sincerely appreciate your assistance and patience in implementing the protective measures. We appreciate these are challenging and changing times, however the health and safety of those in our care is at stake.

COVID-19: Our focus on prevention