Message from the CEO: COVID-19 and Goodwin

To residents, staff and families of the Goodwin community

As the COVID-19 situation rapidly unfolds, I wanted to personally address members of our Goodwin community about the measures Goodwin is taking and assure you we are keeping a very close eye on the situation.
I need to ask assistance from all of you to protect our vulnerable residents and clients, as well as the workers essential to providing their care services and village supports.

Please understand that the protective measures in place from the Australian Government and aged care providers are about slowing the spread of COVID-19, not only to protect more people from illness but also so that health systems and frontline health workers like us are better able to cope with a situation that will most likely be with us for some months.

The best defences against the virus are social distancing and excellent hygiene. Please refer to our fact sheets and Department of Health for guidance. Please also follow all changes to visitation rules at our sites.
Let me reassure you: at Goodwin we are doing all we can to ensure residents and clients are supported and continue to receive quality care, and that we will support families to stay in contact in a variety of ways.

We understand that families tend to worry when they can’t be here themselves. Our people will also be working hard to mitigate any sense of isolation for our residents while we practise social distancing. We also will work with families on a case-by-case basis if your loved one is ill or receiving end-of-life care.

We have systems and plans in place to manage the situation. The long-standing and well-practised infection control procedures and policies that Goodwin has in place are appropriate for COVID-19 and are being strongly enforced, and continually reviewed as new information becomes available. We have in place an experienced response team with clinical expertise. We also have business continuity plans to maintain normal business as best possible, and support our people through this journey. Goodwin is already practising social distancing among our staff, with remote working measures, digital meetings to reduce visits, and reduced movements across our sites.

Let’s support each other during this challenging time.

We understand that we are in uncertain times, and we may have a challenging period ahead for workers in aged care and families with loved ones in care. Please:

  • keep a calm and balanced view
  • refer only to our trusted source of information, the Department of Health (Goodwin fact sheets are drawn from here)
  • trust in our experience, capability and training
  • trust in the government’s national plan, and Goodwin’s pandemic plan
  • plan ahead now, for changes in the situation such as school closures and limitations on visiting in person
  • ask questions if you have them.

Please feel welcome to speak with the appropriate manager if you have queries. You can also email and your query will be answered by the most appropriate person. This email is open to all, including family members as well as staff.

We will keep you updated as things unfold. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sue Levy
Chief Executive Officer
Goodwin Aged Care Services

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