Living a sweet life with diabetes

14 November marks World Diabetes Day. There is no cure for diabetes currently, but with a little self-management it is possible to lead a perfectly normal life. We asked our Goodwin experts to share some quick tips on living well.

For Goodwin’s pharmacist Kirolos Wasef, who has been working with people with diabetes for over 17 years, monitoring and effectively responding to blood sugar levels is the key to managing diabetes.

“Because their natural mechanism to regulate blood sugar levels is compromised, people with diabetes can have too much sugar (hyperglycaemia) or too little sugar in their blood (hypoglycaemia). Both conditions are dangerous and can be avoided by effective monitoring of blood sugar levels.”

The pharmacist’s advice

If you’ve been feeling sick, stressed or experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision or slow healing, it may be time to review how frequently you monitor your blood sugar. Immediately consult your GP for advice.

Eating well and exercising regularly helps manage blood glucose levels. Goodwin’s dietitian Harriet Adede believes knowing what to eat and when to eat it is half the job done when it comes to managing diabetes.

“It is important to have regular meals spread out evenly throughout the day. Eat more free foods that do not raise sugar levels such as meat, fish, eggs and non-starchy vegetables like salads, broccoli and carrots. And of course, limit your carbohydrate consumption: It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, but watch your portions!”

The dietitian’s 3 magic tips

  1. Have regular meals spread out throughout the day
  2. Eat more free foods like meat, fish, eggs and non-starchy vegetables
  3. Limit your carbs and watch your portions

According to Chef Sandeep, Goodwin’s General Manager for Catering, it’s all about maintaining a healthy balance.

“Many people think once you have diabetes you have to eat boring flavourless food every day. That’s far from true. Diabetes and delicious food can go hand-in-hand: try this simple 5-minute recipe at home and you won’t miss the junk you used to eat!”.

The chef’s low-carb chicken breast sandwich recipe

Sautee a boneless chicken breast in garlic, black pepper, capsicum and seeded mustard. Wrap it in a large lettuce leaf with fresh herbs and enjoy!