Better quality of life

We give you the tools to maintain the home life you love, get out and about, and return to being able to do the things you used to.

Despite the name, home care at Goodwin is also about helping you maintain the community connections that mean so much, and helping you get out of the house if you’re not so mobile anymore.

Much more than personal care

Goodwin home care offers personal care such as assistance with bathing or freshening up for the day, if appropriate to the client’s needs. But our home care services offer much more.

Time and energy: Are you finding that some things ‘take it out of you’ more than they used to? We can help with the little things, to give you time and energy to enjoy the rest of your day.

Individualised service packages in line with your needs, goals, and what you’re comfortable with.

High levels of care can be catered for at Goodwin, with a suite of services and nurse care to improve quality of life for those living with chronic conditions or complex health issues.

Company and social outings are crucial to combat the social isolation that can come when you lose mobility, or lose those closest to you. Goodwin carers are happy to accompany you to your favourite places, for lunch or a refreshment, or on your favourite errands. Our Day Clubs offer a great day out on a regular basis.

Quality time with loved ones: We take on the carer role, so that you can go back to enjoying each other’s company purely as loved ones and not as carer/recipient.

The carers are cheerful, punctual and ready to help when needed. They are respectful and are careful to encourage my need for a good level of independence.

Client survey response, Goodwin Home Care