Giving and giving back

In true spirit of giving this festive season, residents, families and staff of Goodwin Monash contributed generously to Giving Trees at David Harper House and Ralph Cartwright Centre, that helped bring smiles on the faces of children at the Companion House.

The Giving Trees are a recurring theme of our festive season celebrations. Each year, the trees are set up near the concierge, and clients and staff are encouraged to contribute gifts, presents and food items, which are then donated to a chosen charity. This year’s gifts included toys, clothes, chocolates, and a huge teddy bear gifted by a family member of a resident. All proceeds went to Companion House, a community-based organisation that supports survivors of torture and trauma, in particular, children from war-torn countries who have sought safety in Australia.

Patricia Jefcoate, Activities Coordinator Monash, said, “Christmas is a time to share and give back to the community. It’s really heart-warming that we’ve done something to bring a smile on the faces of deserving children in need.”