redevelopment FAQs

Goodwin Aged Care Services and our project builders PBS Building are committed to keeping our residents, their families, and our community up to date on the village redevelopment.

We will stay in touch with our neighbours as things progress – by letter or newsletter if needed, otherwise notices will be placed on the site fencing, and updates can be found here on the Goodwin website.

When will building start?

Construction began in June 2017, with demolition activity will begin within around a week from fencing erection.

As of early October, bulk excavation of Buildings A, B and C has been predominantly completed with detailed excavation of strip and pad footings continuing. Works for a new entry road will soon begin, with access still available through the existing Marshall Street main entry.

How long will construction take?

The project is planned for four to five years. This nominal construction period is not unique for developments for this demographic. The staggered process over a longer period will reduce the impact on surrounding streets, as the construction traffic is less concentrated. It also helps us to ensure the continued comfort of existing residents.

Who is the building company?

Goodwin is a not-for-profit organisation funding its own developments. In this project we are partnered with AMC Architecture and PBS Building for the first stage.

Where can visitors park during construction? Will it be safe?

There will be no change to the central visitor carpark area during the first stage of construction.
An appropriate level of parking for visitors and staff will be maintained on site at all times. We will keep you informed of changes as construction progresses Emergency services will be informed of any access changes and kept up to date.
The safety of our residents and visitors is of utmost importance to both Goodwin and PBS Building. We will work closely with PBS, and our Estate and Quality teams for close oversight of safety issues on the site.

Will construction traffic disrupt the roads?

Every effort will be made to ensure the construction process is unobtrusive and respectful of surrounding streets. A traffic plan will be developed for each stage of construction. Rest assured Goodwin and PBS Building have successfully undertaken similar developments with no issue.

Will construction noise be limited to certain times of day?

Yes. We will work within legislated requirements for works, and be mindful to schedule noisier works for later in the mornings as much as possible.

Will the village’s gardens be replaced?

Absolutely. The much-loved gardens in the current village were in the majority planted by Goodwin when we first built in 1977. We’ve shown what we can create, and we commit to re-creating a lush, sensory environment with the redevelopment.

Will you keep us informed as the project goes on?

Yes. Residents, families and stakeholders will receive regular updates for the life of the project, from Goodwin or direct from the builders. If at any time you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Will care staff levels be effected in the current live-in care facility, during the project?

Not at all. Care of our residents is our highest priority and will not be affected.