Community feedback on the design concept was important to help ensure the new village meets the needs of the community we serve. It was also important that the new village and its landscaping merged with the character of the suburb.

During construction

During the construction period, please feel welcome to contact Project Liaison, with any queries or concerns on or 6175 5172.

Goodwin stays in close contact with Goodwin village residents and families as the construction continues, and a monthly newsletter is provided by PBS Builders for this group. Many of our residents are enjoying watching the daily activity on site!

Goodwin and PBS will also provide communications to close neighbours in Farrer at regular intervals or if any community notice is required.

Community consultation during design approval

Early design community consultation

Prior to lodging the Development Application, Goodwin and its design consultants AMC Architecture undertook a thorough five-month consultation with existing Goodwin Farrer village residents, the local Farrer community, Woden Valley Community Council, and ACT Government authorities/agencies. This included presenting to the Woden Valley Community Council and visiting some nearby residents in their homes for detailed one-on-one discussions.

Goodwin made some amendments to the design in response to neighbourhood consultations before the Development Application was lodged.

Development approval process

The Development Application (DA) process in the ACT includes a period open to public comments. Representations made to the ACT Land and Planning Authority (ACTPLA) were considered in detail by both Goodwin and ACTPLA. The DA was approved in November 2015.

Community feedback showed a clear appreciation for a need to redevelop a village well beyond its use-by-date, and to provide more seniors’ accommodation options to meet the growing demand as our population ages. Concerns focussed on visual amenity and character, and landscaping.

Following the Development Application approval, Goodwin contacted neighbouring residents to again offer the opportunity for face-to-face discussion.

Final design amendments during appeals process

The Goodwin Village Farrer plans went before the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) in 2016. In August 2016 the Tribunal accepted the proposed scale of the village redevelopment, and approved unconditionally three of the six buildings and effectively referred the other three for reconsideration by Goodwin and ACTPLA.

Goodwin and AMC then undertook further work to improve the visual amenity for neighbours of the largest building, the residential aged care facility, and two of the apartment buildings addressing Marshall Street.

Amendments include reducing the frontage of the Marshall Street apartment buildings by introducing a staggered height arrangement so that only three storeys front the street; and breaking up the mass of the residential aged care building, reducing the extent of the upper floor and creating greater articulation across the façade generally. These amendments were subsequently approved by the Tribunal.

As a not-for-profit organisation Goodwin takes its responsibilities as a good neighbour and community member seriously, and effort has been made to address concerns while ensuring costs are kept affordable for future residents and that the viability of the project is not compromised.

This process has resulted in a design we are proud of, and which we believe will serve the Woden Valley community, long-term, very well.