Where do I start?

Goodwin offers two Australian Government funded home care programs that offer a range of services to help you stay at home; and we can provide services on a private, commercial basis.

The first step to getting home care is to contact our team on 02 6175 5650 or email us at community@goodwin.org.au, so that we can determine your needs, any supports you may eligible for, and help you through the application process.

The home care funding available to you, and under which program, will be determined by your care needs as assessed by an independent assessor. Your financial means may also be taken into account, and whether you receive the age pension. In addition to the funds the Government provides, you will be asked to pay a co-contribution if you can afford to do so. The amount you pay is related to your income. (For details on client contribution for services under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, click here for Goodwin’s policy document. Home Care Packages funding information is available at the Government’s My Aged Care web portal.)

Goodwin can also provide services on a private, commercial basis.

It can get a little confusing for those new to the Australian home care system, so we recommend you talk to us at Goodwin first, and we can assist you through the whole process.

Note that there are changes to the national system for home care packages being implemented in February 2017. Click here for information, or call us to talk through it.

The basic steps to getting home care

1. Contact Goodwin for an introduction to home care and an understanding of the supports available to you.

2. Register with My Aged Care, the Federal Government’s aged care portal.

This can be done with a phone call or online, and your Goodwin care coordinator can assist. You must be registered to receive government-funded care.

3. Have your assessment done.

Your assessment will be conducted by an assessor who is independent of an aged care provider, and under the auspices of the government. They will be part of the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or the Regional Assessment Service (RAS).

It’s free and done in your home.

Goodwin can help you organise the assessment, and put you in touch with the assessors.

4. At your assessment, ask for Goodwin as your preferred provider.

5. Your Goodwin care coordinator will meet with you in your home, to establish a plan of services to meet your quality of life goals and schedule.