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‘Food for Thought’ focus group great fun

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a focus group run recently at Goodwin for live-in care residents in an effort to make sure residents are getting the food they love. Residents were invited to do a taste test of a proposed Autumn/Winter menu. The menu at Goodwin is developed in conjunction with the in-house dietician and the head chef.

“At all times menus are designed placing importance on protein and nutrient intake combined with great tastes and residents’ favourite dishes,” says Robyn Boyd, Goodwin’s Manager of Residential Care.

“We want every aspect of the residents’ dining experience to be great so we are surveying the residents on what they love to eat, how the presentation of the food is, what the dining room atmosphere is like, how they rate the staff service, the temperature of the food and any other comments or suggestions we are open to implementing to improve all aspects of our dining experience”, says Robyn.

“Goodwin is lucky to have an internationally trained and acclaimed head chef, Sandeep Vaid, who mentors the other chefs and brings his Swiss hotel management training and international award-winning skills to his preparation of residents’ food,” says Robyn.

Residents sampled 4 main courses, 8- hour, slow-cooked lamb shanks in red wine jus, served on a bed of polenta with minted peas. The lamb shanks were the biggest hit with one resident, Larry Larmour, saying, “It’s the best meat I’ve ever had” and another resident, Faye Gardner, saying “it was so tender, it completely fell apart in my mouth.”

The other sample main courses were, lamb chops, marinated in red wine jus with mashed potato and parsley sprinkles, filo pastry with chicken and porcini mushrooms in a béchamel sauce, and fish pie with prawns, calamari, and winter vegetables. Desserts were sticky date pudding, chocolate pudding, and French crepes with berry compote and orange syrup. Apparently according to resident, Gwen Salmon, “the crepes were divine”.